I am Martin, a graduate student at Ateneo de Manila University finishing my master’s degree in electronics engineering. The bulk of my work in the academe even as an undergraduate student was on robotics and focusing on different aspects such as control system design, frame fabrication, actuation characterization, circuit design and fabrication and more. I also got into complex systems seminar and would want to apply it later on my work possibly in cooperative mission planning. I read up on new topics such as CNC fabrication and computer vision as well as COM to make powerful custom designs.

Even though my work will most of the time sound technical, I learned through the years that robots are built to solve a handful of day-to-day applications ranging from autonomous cleaning robots up to precision agriculture by the use of cooperative aerial photogrammetry and land-based autonomous pesticide and fertilizer applicators.

I designed this blog to share every bit of useful technology to everyone interested in robots and high tech gadgetry. And I invite you, my dear reader, to join me in my adventure with robots.

Robotics is for all!


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